At Heartland Farms Dairy, we understand how volatile the dairy market can be. With our risk management programs, we offer fixed yearly pricing on a variety of products including butter, cheese, cream, NFDM, and dry whey. We can work with you to develop a risk management plan that fits your needs.


Dairy like any other commodity has a certain degree of price volatility. Managing price and income risk can be a major challenge for dairy purchasers. That is why we have developed a risk management program for our clients to manage their dairy commodity purchasing which reduces the uncertainty from month to month purchasing. We provide our clients with the necessary tools to reduce risk in their business.


Failing to hedge risk during times of uncertainty can result in huge losses that firms may not be able to recover from. Firms need to undertake risk to generate value and manage risk to secure value. Finding a healthy balance between risk and reward in an ever changing and increasingly complex environment is the challenge.


We have a holistic approach when it comes to risk management. Our commodity advising team works with clients to develop a risk management program that suits their specific needs. At Heartland Farms we focus exclusively on dairy risk management. Our motto is to focus on one thing and do it well.


Heartland Farms collects and analyzes all sources of data to provide our clients with up to date, summarized information so that our clients can make informed decisions. We provide forecast from both a historical and fundamental prospective.